Northeastern Nevada STEM Project

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Summer Session General Expectations:


  • Walk through a super- mini project on Monday with Matt.
  • Explore with data collectors, giving a short presentation on assigned day
  • Experience a mini PBL during the summer seminar: Clearn Energy Project (Activities will be experienced in randomly assigned groups)
  • Discuss how (Clean Energy Project) activities can be adapted to grade-level if appropriate
  • Create a two week plan for a PBL project you can implement in your classroom (This work will be done in grade-band groups)

To create your PBL project you will have the

  • Project Essentials Checklist
  • Rubric for Project Design
  • Content learned from reading the class text,

Project-Based Learning: Differentiating Instruction for the 21st Century by William Bender

In your grade-band groups, use these tools and your standards to integrate STEM content into a PBL unit!