Northeastern Nevada STEM Project

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Northeastern Nevada STEM Project

Course Expectations:

PBL Project Implementation:

  1. Design at least TWO PBL projects that integrate at least two STEM content elements. These projects should be about two weeks long.
  2. Create rubrics to assess student achievement during each PBL project.
  3. Collect student artifacts as evidence of student achievement.
  4. Implement one PBL during the Fall semester and the other during the Spring semester.
  1. Sign up for classroom observation for each PBL
  • Write a reflection paper after each of the two PBL projects after implemented. This reflection must address the questions below:

Reflection Paper:

  1. Summary of your project including:
  1. What was your project
  2. why you choose this project
  3. what standards the project addressed
  4. how the project involved authentic experiences for your students
  5. how your project addressed the seven essential elements of a PBL
  6. which STEM content areas were integrated into the project
  1. Reflection of your project:
  1. What went well and why
  2. What revisions are needed and why
  3. What did you learn about yourself as a teacher
  4. What did you learn about yourself as a learner
  5. What did you learn about your students
  6. How did your students grow as learners based on student achievement data (Be sure to include this data in your final paper to justify your comments)